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divorce problem solution

It is said that marriage is a relationship of seven births, but it would be better if we talk about this birth instead of reading about the seven birth because of the time that is going on now, even at this time we have to come to the hands four marriage, whether marriage is a relationship between the two people but the families that come along with it. The responsibility of every person in the family becomes more than that of a girl while if the boy wishes, he takes care of the relationship of the girl’s family before getting married it is important to know what kind of relationship is marriage every human being needs a soulmate for his life earlier was necessary to get married financially and socially but now it all has changed you can think for your mental and physical marriage

it is not necessary for everyone to get married because the relationship is closed with each other marriage is not just maintain a long term relationship it is to live for each other before marriage it is important to know that we should spend a few months with the person we are going to marry so that we can recognize each habit of that person so that tomorrow we do not have to reject in this relationship marriage is not a transaction for each other. Marriage is the feeling in two different people are together. Just as shiva and Parvati are two in saying but there is only one power in the same way when you get engaged in a married relationship has to become successful. But many times something happens in this relationship. Because this relationship just ends, living with each other only makes adjustments when we become the relationship of marriage, then we have to accept everything about our husband, we accept the things of the person’s family. If somewhere the wife refuses these things she gets mean in front of everyone. Fights are imposed on her.


Trust is the key to marriage but when disputes in marriage life but when they’re in Married life then this marriage relationship leads to divorce Nowadays divorce happens even after many years of marriage, today it has become a common thing but sometimes parents, do not separate because of children. But now, it is not like these people break their marriages very easily. There can be many other reasons for divorce.

  1.  Not understanding each other can be the reason for the end of the relationship instead of hot understanding each other things become more complicated due to which the relationship reaches disvorce.
  2. Sometimes it happens that the reason between the couple is his family. He values his family, more than his partner that becomes that cause of bitterness in their relationship.
  3. Many times it happens that after marriage we expect our partner to fulfill all our expectations. As time passes the expectation broken that your partner is not able to fulfill this reason can cause divorce in marriage life.
  4.  Cheating is an unforgivable mistake. The wife can tolerate everything but not cheat. Sometimes people are not happy in their married life and they can find happiness in a third person. Your partner knows that even if you want to divorce anywhere marriage in hand whether it is 10 years or 8 years divorce is necessary.
  5.  If a woman is harassed physically and mentally and everything tolerate but in the end, she decides to divorce.
  6.  One of the reasons for divorce is the self-respect of a woman herself is being tarnished by her husband and her husband’s family.
  7. It is very important for married life to have patience. Patience and tolerance are a couple of the districts today we want to get perfect everything in the relationship which becomes difficult after marriage before Marriage the one without whom we can not live was a different matter we decided to divorce him.
  8. Monday is the reason for divorce in marriage in which one partner’s experience then comes like this the other cares more about saving due to the lack of balance in such of such of cost bitterness starts increasing in the relationship


  • It’s common to fight for a healthy relationship it is said that many times it happens that divorce mangoes but the wife does not want to divorce her husband. Many times it happens that both of them do not want to get divorced, but due to some other person in the marriage relationship, it also comes to the point of divorce many times wrong thinking also becomes the basis of divorce. Wrong thinking works for our relationship instead of opening the knot slowly this relationship ends and reaches the divorce. But if a person wants then he can save his marriage relationship if we follow these things.
  • To save your relationship listen to your partner and try to understand what they want to tell you and what he wants from you if you listen to him carefully and understand, then your relationship can be saved, and you can take your relationship forward with your understanding.
  • If you go balance your married life then your marriage life will be happy, so understand the feeling of your family and life partner and give them the importance to you but also important to your life partner which is her right.
  • You live up to the expectation of your life partner, and you decide that you can fulfill their expectations which is not difficult for you, it is difficult to fulfill every expectation together in such a situation, but you set a time, In which time you try to fulfill the expectations of your partner that pleases your partner.
  • Often it is the woman who has to suffer mental and domestic violence, in her married life many times she does think about the future of her children. She does not think about the divorce. She considered her marriage life only as a compromise. ° If you want marriage life to run successfully then you should have the power to tolerate things within yourself, do not create issues on the small things because arguing about these small things increases this quarrel which reaches divorce, so think patiently about your relationship and make it strong.
  • In a joint family, it often happens that we tend to be more like our family. Give maximum time to them while giving them less time to your partner, this thinking also loses bitterness in the relationship, so give time to your life partner along with family and make them realize what is their importance in your life. So that in your relationship sweetness remains.
  •  Due to domestic violence, the woman loses her identity. She thinks that my life has become just a burden I have Beca one a toy for others, and her thinking is also the reason for divorce, so we should respect her wife. The advice should be followed and should not be insulted n front of his family members
  • If you are already a working woman, then after separation from your partner, you will not have to face financial problems because of divorce, the responsibility of children is always left in such a situation, so it is very important to be confident and self-reliant.
  • Dowry also becomes a reason for divorce repeatedly bringing money from a family member and demanding expenses cannons, also becomes a reason for divorce.


Divorce was considered a curse in our society, but now it has become a trend it is very easy to get a divorce but after a divorced husband and wife have to face many situations, of divorce, not the partner’s separation but the family’s company. Love and all facilities are also left out if you stay together, then only loneliness and desperation. It is not the end of life the name of moving forward is life.

  • How to start a new life becomes difficult to believe or trust in your life because you were cheated by the person who was with you all your life, and after the separation, you miss him but without any thought of friendship do not make the mistake of doing this, your loneliness can be taken advantage of wrongly
  • If your partner is happy after the separation from you, then don’t be sad rather start a new life, keep yourself busy with your friends and change yourself like a new ray so that you can bring happiness in your life.
  • It is not easy to start a new relationship after breaking up, trying to come out of the experience by strengthening your heart or trying to know the reasons for the breakup of your earlier relationship so that in future you can avoid getting into a wrong relationship, adopted positive thinking for your future life. So that when you find the right partner you can hold his hand without hesitation.
  • It is necessary for your parents to be sad after the divorce, their worries about you. In such a situation, do not blame yourself act wisely and assure yourself that after separating from Your husband. Everything will be fine, make yourself financially capable so that you do not become a burden on your family members.
  • Only the woman has a face the situation after the divorce, she has to support her children. Her husband becomes free leaving her in these circumstances, but our society still considered only a woman’s fault in divorce.
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