Black Wedding Embroidery Hoop 8×10 Double


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Discover our unique Black Wedding Embroidery Hoop 8*10 Double, carefully crafted to improve your wedding décor, only at Craftkanya. We present to you a product that is crafted with fine attention to detail and quality to give a touch of beauty to your special day.

Our 8×10 Double Black Wedding Embroidery Hoop is a work of art, made with the best black, premium embroidery fabric and bright pink, peach, blue, and white anchor threads. Because every stitch is expertly embroidered, the result is an amazing display that catches the eye.

We add delicate 8mm cream pearls to our embroidery hoop to further accentuate its attractiveness and give your bridal decorations a subtle yet opulent touch. The elaborate border lace with a dark crimson floral motif adds a lovely romantic touch.

Offering the best wooden embroidery hoops, Craftkanya takes pleasure in providing long-lasting reliability for your stitching creations. Whether you’re using our hoops for personalized gifts, home décor, or wedding décor, they offer the ideal background for exhibiting your artistic side.

As you begin the process of setting up your wedding, you can rely on Craftkanya to deliver unmatched beauty and excellent quality. Our dedication to quality is shown by our Black Wedding Embroidery Hoop 8*10 Double, which provides you with a classic item that you will treasure for many years to come.


What is the size of the 8*10 Double Black Wedding Embroidery Hoop?

With its 8 by 10 inch dimensions, our Black Wedding Embroidery Hoop offers plenty of room for elaborate patterns and embellishments.

Is it possible to alter the colors of the thread on my embroidery hoop?

Yes, you can choose the thread colors to match your wedding’s theme or your own tastes. For further details on customizing, get in touch with us.

Are the pearls fastened to the embroidery hoop firmly?

Of course! We make certain that every pearl is firmly attached to the embroidery hoop, ensuring life and durability.

Do you provide wedding orders with bulk discounts?

Yes, we offer discounted prices for large orders. For more information about your needs and to take advantage of our bulk savings, please contact our customer service team.

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