Love Breakup Solution


love breakup solution

If a person thinks about someone, is it love? if a person care about  you is it love? if we fall in love with someone’s beauty is it love? The definition of love can be different. But his not love that happens randomly. You can’t force someone to love you as long as the other person has the same feelings for you. Then you can love her/him when you feel your love in another. You see yourself as that person. So that’s love. You respect them in love. You accept them the way they are love What took away from our hearts is love before reading this love it is important to know that. what you love loves you. Because before moving for words in love you have to know that whom you love will give you love in return.Will make time for you. 

Will take care of the smallest things for you, happiness. Praying for your to cross the limit to support you. when someone loves you, he becomes happy with your small things, then that person truly loves you. if you love someone.But you are waiting for others’ yes then you retain the passion here and happiness for her ‘yes’ Because with passion in love you can find your true love. Even if you have to wait a long time for it, love wins in the end. You will find your true love. At present time love needs to be tested. That’s why in love, before giving yourself complete sacrifice for another know that it is true love for you in his eyes too. 


Almost love is perfect but what happens how deep is the love that once was the love of the sky, suddenly breaking? The biggest reason for our love breakup is love too much. Thinking about one person all the time calling him repeatedly, messaging him, worrying about you all the time. All these things can also cause love. Don’t leave that person keep asking him everything why? How? where? it does not love it becomes a punishment that will try to get rid of you in the end. Then your love of the reason for your breakup. To save your relationship we have convinced our partner before that we have to understand what  could be the reasons for a love breakup.

  1. Misunderstanding love can be the biggest reason for a breakup. whether he is a member of the misunderstanding whether it’s from a friend of yours whether it is our perspective that how we think about our partner regarding this same thing.
  2. Imposing Your interests on your partner suppose you – your partner’s interest is more in your matter than you but you want that
    your partner to like you only and only you then it can be the reason for the breakup.
  3. Even if a third person comes into love so what’s the point of breaking the love if you talk to your partner if you talk more about another person, then your partner will not like your talk, and it can be a reason for breakup
  4. Sometimes it happens that your partner tells you, will do anything for you that will make him happy, but it doesn’t happen there is a big difference between what your partner says and what you do. You also break relationships.
  5. If your partner puts his family and friends ahead of you, then it can be the reason for the breakdown of your relationship. For the person whom you keep before you in every work, every happiness, every achievement then your the relationship can be saved.
  6. If your partner is not with you even when you are with him, know that he talks to someone on the phone while you are
    with him. Then being with him is not from the heart. This also causes love to break up.
  7. You do not get love in return for love from your partner, you love your partner more than madness but you do not get that love in return. when you deserve, your heartbreak. You start moving away from it because love is between two people, one from both sides.
  8. If your partner loves you only physically then it is not true love he does not love you from the heart, because of these
    things the love gets buried somewhere which becomes the reason for the breakup.
  9. You get ready to do everything for the happiness of the person you love while in return he ignores your efforts, then he does not truly love you. Because love are from both sides, he does not want to give you love in return for love, all these things can happen whether your relationship is going on or has happened. So you explain your love. If even after explaining your partner does not listen to you then you can break your relationship go ahead and search for  true love.



When it becomes a compulsion for two people to be with each other in love. This poison starts circulating in the relationship of love, and quarrels start happening every day, your partner is disrespecting you on everything. So you talk to your partner and explain to him that if he loves you then he will listen to you and understand you. Because it is possible that he also does want to break up with you, then together you can find a solution and save your relationship.

  • Care for your partner, as much as you care for your partner the more you give him love in return the more you will get love in return.
  • when you meet your partner talk only about yourself.Matters and does not talk about any third person with your partner.
  • Never ignore the feeling of your partner, Because love is related to feelings somewhere he gets emotionally attached to you, he thinks of everything good and bad with you so never play with your partner’s feelings.
  • Do you lie to your partner because a relationship that runs on lies Cannot last long. A love relationship can not be started with a lie.
  • Purity of your partner before you take care of his/her choice. Share your secrets only with your partner.
  • If you are only physically attracted to your partner, then he does not love you that love is just a punishment for you. So break the relationship with such a partner as soon as possible. That’s it’s better out of this relationship.
  • Pay attention to everything, about your partner so that you can understand each other and you can understand the one you love. If every small thing can be converted into happiness then love can become true love rather than a


You are trapped in this relationship, you are emotionally and mentally bound, then you will not be able to move forward in this relationship. Do not make your partner you partner your compulsion, consider it. As gods sign to leave that person who will destroy you. It is better to leave such a relationship, not wait for the fact that he will realize his mistake and then forget that person can become good for you someday. Your partner cheated on you. Your partner didn’t value you, so now it’s your turn to show his/her worth first of all you should keep this thing in your life. Then you can move on in your life.

  • Now stop calling and texting him. if he talks to you after the breakup then you ignore him. You must assess him that you have left him not that he has left you.
  • Stop realizing to your partner that today you can move into your life regardless of him. It is very difficult to do but you have to do it.
  • We get so lost in love that we lose our true identity. So improve yourself in this way you can prove yourself to that person. That even without him, you have your identity. You can move forward in life even without him.
  • Whether you build your new relationship. you tell him that I can have a relationship without you.
  • If you say the wrong to your partner in anger then you will be wrong. You convert anger into a post energy and move on. Use your energy properly and move forward because life doesn’t stop for anyone.

Just think that hate was meant to happen in our life for good. So always keep smiling so that the other person realizes that there can be happiness in your life even without him. Break the chain of false love and move on. Just like time doesn’t stop for anyone in the same way you keep moving forward without stopping.

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