Double Wedding Embroidery Hoop


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With the Craftkanya Wedding Embroidery Hoop 8×10 Double, you may fully embrace beauty during your wedding. Each hoop is handcrafted with premium embroidery fabric, gorgeous the Banarasi border lace with a dark red floral design, and 8mm cream pearls for a classy finishing touch. To properly fit your theme, choose from eye-catching orange, green, blue, and pink anchor threads. These gorgeous hoops will completely change your big day.

Craftkanya Wedding Embroidery Hoop: The Ideal Combination of Style and Tradition

Craftkanya Wedding Embroidery Hoop can give your wedding décor a classic appeal. These hoops, which are painstakingly handcrafted, have a subtle blend of contemporary design features with traditional embroidery fabric. These stunning hoops, adorned with opulent 8mm cream pearls and enhanced by an array of vivid orange, green, blue, and pink anchor strands, are guaranteed to catch your guests’ eye.

Craftkanya Wedding Embroidery Hoop Will Make Your Wedding Unlike Any Other.

Description: Use the Craftkanya Wedding Embroidery Hoop to make treasured memories. Every hoop is a work of art, showcasing exquisite stitching and a the Banarasi border lace with a dark red flower motif. A touch of splendor can be added with 8mm cream pearls, and you can perfectly create your décor with the options of orange, green, blue, and pink anchor strands. These beautiful hoops will make your wedding day extremely unforgettable.


What materials are used in Craftkanya  Wedding Embroidery Hoop?

Craftkanya  Wedding Embroidery Hoop is crafted using high-quality embroidery fabric, adorned with a dark red flower design Banarasi border lace, and embellished with 8mm cream pearls. Additionally, we use the finest wooden embroidery hoops for durability and elegance.

What color options are available for the anchor threads?

We offer a vibrant selection of anchor threads in orange, green, blue, and pink, allowing you to choose the perfect color to complement your wedding theme.

 How can Craftkanya  Wedding Embroidery Hoop enhance my wedding décor?

 Craftkanya  Wedding Embroidery Hoop adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wedding décor. With its intricate embroidery work, luxurious pearl embellishments, and customizable color options, these hoops are sure to elevate the ambiance of your special day.

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